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This Lent we’re inviting you to Make a Splash! by thinking about people in our world who are not able to enjoy clean water.

Water is essential. We need water for so many things. People need fresh, clean water to stay healthy. When people are healthy they can go to school or go to work. Vegetables need water to grow. Animals need water too.

But almost a billion people in our world don’t have clean water near their homes. Many have to walk for hours to fetch dirty water from the nearest river. This is the only water they have – they drink it, wash with it and bathe in it. And because the water is dirty, it can cause disease.

CAFOD is helping children like Guti have clean water. Find out more by watching our video, exploring our Lent calendar and making your own water droplet.

Find out why water is so important:

Celebrate the Year of Mercy with our Lent Calendar:

CAFOD 2016 lent calendar from CAFOD

Use this Water Droplet Template to:

  • write some of the things you have learnt about access to clean water
  • write a prayer for people with no access to clean water and girls who miss out on school to fetch water for their families

Find out even more about water

Become a water expert

What percentage of the earth is covered by water? How many people do not have access to clean drinking water? Click here to try out our water challenge, and see what else you can find out about water.Click here to take the water challenge test!


Photo stories about water

Find out how precious clean water is to Zimi from Zimbabwe.

Read about how water affects Talent’s life.

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Find out how having clean water nearby has made a big difference to Rosena and Angel’s lives.

Getting water to villagers in Zambia

Water is essential for life. Some places have too much water. But other places do not have enough fresh, clean water. Find out how CAFOD is working together with villagers in Zambia to get clean water.

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