Hello! I’m 9 years old and I live in Rwanda. I live with my aunt and my two sisters who are 6 years old and 5 years old. When my auntie is out I look after my sisters. I help around the house by mopping and sweeping the floors, I wash the dishes, make the beds and do the dusting too!

English is my favourite subject at school because it’s the language that we learn most of our subjects in. But I like all the subjects.

I want to be the President of Rwanda when I grow up. I think I’d like it and ever since I was born it’s what I wanted to do. I think that a good president is someone that governs very well.

My favourite sports are football and volleyball. It makes me very happy when I am playing with other children and I when I’m happy I laugh!

At church I pray to God so he will give me the knowledge to pass my exams at school.

I hope you enjoy my pics!

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