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What is Picture my World?

Picture my World is CAFOD’s website for children. It has stories, videos and games alot like other children’s websites BUT Picture my World is different!
The majority of the photographs on this website have been taken by children. Why?

Valuing the child’s perspective:
When we explain what life is like for another child in another country, we naturally put an adult spin on it. We wanted to provide children with an opportunity to learn from other children about each others lives but in a way that transcends language barriers. Photographs enable children to show what their lives are like and empowers them to make decisions about what is important for them to share.

Sustainable skills training:
Children in the UK , Cambodia  and Rwanda were given cameras to tell the story of their lives. It is important to note however that the Picture my World team did not train the children in photography. We trained partner staff and young adult beneficaries in photography, training techniques and child protection. In this way the skills are sustainable for the organisation. Staff are equipped to run similar projects with other groups they work with, and the skills are beneficial in the communication, advocacy and reporting work. Additionally in Rwanda – the partner we worked with deals with trauma healing and psycho social care – so phototherapy is being incorporated into their work as part of their trauma councilling.

What will your children learn?
As your children explore the photographs they will gain a unique insight into the lives of their local and global neighbours. Picture my World looks at similarities between children, introducing them to the interests and needs they share with children living in different countries.

Changing perceptions:
Sometimes when children are presented with stories and images about children overseas, or information from charitable organisations it can promote an instinctively sympathetic response, irrelevant of the material being presented. Part of the idea around Picture my World is to challenge the sympathetic response  so children viewing the pictures see that the children are talented in photography – enjoy the same games they do, enjoy hanging out with their friends just like they do. It highlights similiarities against a backdrop of difference. We hope that this subtle nuance will help children see the child first as their contemporary and in doing so we lay the groundwork for promoting responses to injustice that are based on solidarity and empathy rather than sympathy.

For safeguarding reasons we asked the children involved in the project to choose nicknames for when their photographs appear online.

CAFOD in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country of extremes. It has such natural beauty and world famous temples, but many people live in poverty.  Almost one in three Cambodians live on less than 45 cents a day – that’s about 27p.
Find out more about CAFOD’s work in Cambodia.

CAFOD in Rwanda

We started work in Rwanda in 1994, responding to the immediate needs of genocide survivors by providing water, food and shelter. We are still there, helping people to rebuild their lives, focusing on three kinds of support: trauma healing, justice and peace and rebuilding lives.
Find out more about CAFOD’s work in Rwanda.

CAFOD in England and Wales

We work with the Catholic community in England & Wales to raise funds and awareness of global poverty and injustice through parishes, schools, and networks – working with thousands of volunteers and supporters.

Find out more about CAFOD in your area.

Picture my World and the curriculum

Picture my World is a great tool to help bring the global dimension into your daily timetable.

All curriculum subjects provide rich opportunities for global learning, and the activities and resources on this site will help embed the global dimension into your lessons. Through the resources children will be able to link learning about the world to taking responsible action, enabling them to recognise themselves as active global citizens.

A note on spelling

We do not correct children’s spelling in the comments sections of this blog. Spelling is important; however we want the children to feel that their contributions are valued irrespective of their ability to spell correctly. We hope that children feel comfortable to comment freely and creatively (within the house rules guidelines). This may mean a combination of full sentences, text speak, shorthand and emoticons. If you are concerned about the quality of spelling in the comments made by children in your class please review with them before posting.

How is Picture my World working for you?

Post comments or suggestions as to how you have used the resource in your classroom below!

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