How do I play…?

Want to play a game that you’ve seen on Picture my World? Find out how to play the games on the site below.


How high can you jump?

What you need:
A hard, flat ground surface
A long piece of elastic or stretchy rope

How to play:
Two people stand opposite each other and stretch the elastic between them.

The jumper then has to run towards the elastic, performing different hops and jumps over the elastic. Life your one leg as high as you can and then the second leg follows!

These jumps can be done whilst chanting skipping rhymes or songs.
If the jumper manages the jumps the height of the elastic is raised higher and higher!

Leak kanseng
How fast can you run?

How to play:
Sit as a group  in a circle. Someone stands outside the circle, holding a Kanseng (or any object) and walks around the circle while everybody else sings or chants!  The person with the object must then secretly place it behind somebody. If that chosen person realises what is happening, he or she must pick up the object and chase the person around the circle. 

Have you ever played Netball? Netball is a game were two teams compete to score goals by throwing a ball through a net at each end of the court. The main rule is that when you’ve got the ball you have to stand still until you have thrown the ball to one of your team mates. Each team tries to get the ball when it is thrown and then tries to score a goal. The team who scores the most goals wins!

Phaka chann painy
How well do you know your friends?

How to play:
This game involves using senses other than your sight! Divide into two teams, the leader covers one person’s eyes, and somebody from the other team must come over and touch their hand. You must try to guess by the sounds of their walk and the feel of their hand who it is. If you guess correctly, that person stays in your group. If you can’t guess the person, you go to join them in the other group!

A fun ball game.

How to play:
A person is picked to be the “queenie,” and that person turns their back to everyone else.

The “queenie” must throw the ball over her shoulder and one of the other players needs to catch it or pick it up. Everyone, except the “queenie”, puts their hands behind their backs so that the “queenie” doesn’t know who has the ball. The “queenie” then turns around and everyone shouts:

“Queenie, Queenie who’s got the ball?
Are they short, or are they tall?
Are they hairy, or are they bald?
You don’t know because you don’t have the ball!”

The “queenie” has to guess who has the ball. If the person with the ball is the last one to be picked, that person becomes the new “queenie.”

Are you any good at keepy uppy? A racket is a feather on a spring. You can play with it with bats, using it like a shuttlecock. Or you can play ‘keepy uppy’ to see how long the racket can stay off the ground!

Rugby is a game where two teams compete by passing an oval shaped ball to each other and score points by touching the ball down on the line at the end of the pitch. You can also score points by kicking the ball over a high bar. The team that gets the most points wins!

Teanh proit
A game of group strength!

How to play:
Two rows must hold on to each other and try to pull the other row over to their side to win. This game is often played during Khmer New Year which is in April.
Can you think of a game that is like this?

Tigers and cows
This is a hand clapping game.

How to play:
Sit in a circle and tap each other around the circle in one direction. Make up new rules as you go along, such as tapping twice, or with one finger, and change direction and see if everyone can remember! If anybody forgets the new rule they must leave the circle. Whoever is left at the end is the winner!

Touching lep
A fun game involving a branch of leaves (or any object!) and two teams!

How to play:
Divide into two teams and each have a number on both sides. When a number is called, that number from each side runs to the branch in the middle. You win points as a team by trying to outsmart your opponent, before grabbing the branch and running back to your team. (You can’t grab it and run! You have to pretend to grab it and try to confuse your opponent.)

Who is the leader?
A great group game!

How to play:
Ask everyone to stand and arrange the group into a circle, facing inwards. Ask one person to leave the circle and to cover their ears! This person will be the guesser for the round. While he or she is gone, the group decides who should be the “leader.” The leader will be the one who sets the movements for that round. When this person is chosen, invite the guesser to come back. The guesser stands in the very centre of the circle.

When the round begins, the leader will begin to make movements, and everyone else must copy the leader’s actions, without being too obvious to reveal who the leader is. The leader can do just about anything he or she wants, such as:

  • Jumping
  • Winking
  • Shaking a leg
  • Humming
  • Patting his or her own head

The guesser must keep turning his or her head to try to figure out which person is the leader (the person who is starting of all the group’s movements.) The guesser is allowed to make up to three guesses – if the guess is correct, the leader becomes the new guesser for the next round.

Are you a rugby fan? Wildcats are the Wakefield rugby team that work with children in the community (See Rugby).  They run rugby sessions and activity sessions so that every child can make new friends and enjoy themselves whilst having 45 minutes of exercise!

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