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Welcome to the Picture my World teachers’ area!

This page gives information and suggestions about how you can use Picture my World across the curriculum, and provides space to share ideas, plans and your thoughts on how Picture my World is working for you!

For more information about the project and CAFOD’s work click here.

Introduction PowerPoint – This slideshow introduces the Picture my World photography project and photographers from Rwanda, Cambodia and the UK.

Introducing Picture my World
A series of five short ICT activities to provide children with a structured introduction to the Picture my world site. The process will enable children to navigate and explore the site, find out more about the Picture my World photo project and photographers, use slideshows to learn about different countries and post comments  in a safe and considered way.

Teachers’guide to Rwanda
A 15 page guide to enable you to develop a Picture my World project about Rwanda. Includes country profile, CAFOD’s work in Rwanda, classroom activities and a mini project on plastic bags and recycling.

Teacher’s guide to Cambodia

A 16 page guide to enable you to develop a Picture my world project about Cambodia.  Includes country profile, CAFOD’s work in Cambodia, classroom activities, a guide to online games, as well as mini project on Buddhism.

Geography & Literacy focus:

Country focus powerpoints & activities: Find out about life in different countries.

About Rwanda – Rwanda is a small landlocked country in Africa. Find out why people call it the Land of a Thousand Hills, the languages people speak and what life is like for children living there.

About Brazil – Brazil is the largest country in South America, find out about what life is like for people living there.

About Cambodia – Find out about life in Cambodia, what the capital city is called, what the main religion is and what language people speak.
Welcome to Cambodia – Activities and a worksheet designed to help children learn about the country of Cambodia.

Real life stories: Find out what life is like for primary school aged children living in different parts of the world.

Eric’s Story – Eric is 8 years old and lives in Rwanda. He lives with his seven brothers and sisters and his niece. His 18 year old sister Julienne is head of the household. Find out about their lives.

Butterfly’s Story – Butterfly is one of the Picture my World photographers from Cambodia. Find out what it’s like to be a 10 year boy living in Cambodia by reading his story. The follow up activities include captioning work and hotseating.

Where I learn - A slideshow comparing a day at school in Wakefield, UK and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This presentation also looks at different ways CAFOD supports education work around the world.

ICT Focus:

Introducing Picture my World – ICT activities to provide children with a structured introduction to the Picture my world site. The process will enable them to navigate and explore the slideshows, photos and posts and to use the comments facility in a considered way appropriate to a classroom environment.

House Rules – Presentation for children about our rules and guidelines for posting comments and staying safe online.

RE & Citizenship focus:

Hungry for change: children’s campaign action guideOne in eight people do not have enough food to eat. Use our teacher notes to engage children with our Hungry for change campaign. Inspire them to join our call for a fair food system and an end to global hunger.

My Global Family –  A reflective powerpoint exploring Who is my neighbour? and activity ideas looking at our neighbours in Cambodia, and around the world.

Children’s Rights – An assembly script and powerpoint looking at the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child.  Activities linked to Citizenship Unit 7 Children’s Rights – human rights.

A Portrait of Me – Ideas for how to use Picture my world to explore the theme of identity. Includes : Picture your world worksheet and activities looking at issues of identity and the lives of children in Cambodia.

Friends – A PowerPoint on the theme of friendship which also looks at CAFOD’s work in peace and conflict situations.

Children’s liturgy resources – Follow this link for all CAFOD’s children’s liturgy resources.

PE focus:

Global Games – Instructions for all the games the Picture my World children play – great for PE warm up activities and playtime!

New big book for Early Years and KS1

Spend a day with Musa and learn about life in Bangladesh. Available in a big or small version, this book supports learning across the curriculum, with suggested activities for RE, Literacy, Mathematics, Geography, Science, PSHE, Citizenship and Understanding of the World.


How is Picture my World working for you?

Post comments or suggestions as to how you have used the resource in your classroom below!

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