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New children’s book

Spend a day with Musa and learn about life in Bangladesh. This book supports global learning and contains ideas for simple activities to do with your child. Aimed at 4-7 year olds, a small version is available, which is ideal for reading at home with your child.


What is Picture my World?

Picture my World is CAFOD’s website for children. Children in the UK, Cambodia and Rwanda were trained in photography so that they could share a visual story of their lives and the things that are most important to them. This site will help you children learn about other children living in countries around the world through photographs, videos, games, stories and slideshows. Through the childrens’ photographs your children can begin to understand what it is like to be growing up somewhere else in the world.Parent-Page-I

How will Picture my World support my child’s learning?

At school, your child is preparing to live and work in a changing, interdependent global society.

All subjects at school provide opportunities for global learning. This site enables teachers to use the material in their classrooms to support subjects such as Citizenship, RE, Geography, Literacy and Art.


Picture my World will help your child to:

  • Make links between the local and the global.
  • Recognise the similarities between their lives and the lives of others around the world.
  • Learn to value diversity.
  • Share their thoughts and feelings about the photographs with their contemporaries online.

How can we get involved at home?

Explore the photographs on Picture my World with your child at home!

Look Introduce your child to the country and the lives of children from Cambodia, Rwanda and Brazil. Remember to give an all-round view of the country –  the country slideshows will help.

Share Ask your child to think about some questions they would like to ask one of the photographers. Post them as a blog to share these thoughts with other children. Try to focus on similarities, and encourage your child to recognise these similarities in the themes of the site.

Think Encourage your child to think about the global community – we all belong to different communities, such as local teams or groups, friendships, school and family, to the global community that we are all part of. Ask your child to write some captions for some of the pictures of children in their communities.

Pray Take time to reflect and pray together for all of our global family. Print our Prayer for parents and children or write a reflection of your own together. You can find further reflections for adults & children’s liturgy resources on our worship pages.

Act Help your child to be an active global citizen!  Show your child how to link learning to taking responsible action to help make a real difference to people’s lives. Find out more about CAFOD’s work in your local area.

Organising events to raise money is a fun way that you could support our work with your child, while learning more about the world we live in at the same time.
Check out our A-Z of fun fundraising activities for inspiration!

Or why not organise a quiz night for all the parents at your child’s school?

And watch our Can I count on You? animation with your kids.

How can I ensure my child stays safe online?

Visit our Stay Safe Online page with your child to learn about the rules for safe surfing.

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