Fairtrade has helped many people out of poverty. When you buy Fairtrade goodies more money goes to the people who need it most. This means the farmers who grow the food for us or the workers who help to produce it get a fair price for their goods. Buying Fairtrade helps make the world a fairer place.

Discover more about the Fairtrade logo, play our Fairtrade quiz, and become a Fairtrade shopper in our fun game.

Meet Pablo!

Watch Fairtrade Foundation’s film then test your knowledge with our game. Suitable for children aged 5-7, but anyone can play!



Fairtrade shopping game

Have fun learning about Fairtrade. Support Fairtrade and become a Fairtrade shopper in our Fairtrade game.

Fairtrade Quiz

Do you know how many products are Fairtrade? When is Fairtrade fortnight? Discover the answers and find out more interesting Fairtrade facts in our exciting quiz.

Fairtrade logo

Ever spotted Fairtrade goodies in your local shop or supermarket? Do you know what the Fairtrade logo means? Click here to find out more about the Fairtrade logo.

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