Goalie Dude


Hi – my favourite subject is Wildcats and my hobbies are football, sport and video games. I care about pollution and climate change. 

I live in a house in Wakefield and I have five people living in my house. They are my mum, my dad, my brother, my sister and me. I really enjoy what my parents let me do. I have 6 pets; 3 fish and 3 guinea pigs. The fish are called Billy, Flounder and Ellie. My guinea pigs are called Patch, Sonny and Lightning. My favourite fruit is strawberries. My favourite food is my mum’s homemade pizza mmmmmm! I am 10 years old and one of three children (triplets). I like to read books. I am quite smart. I play the piano and I am really good. When I am older I want to play football for a professional team. In my spare time I like to play football or go on the computer. This is my life and I love it!

Hope you enjoy my pics!

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