Hi – My favourite subject is PE (playing “Wildcats“) and my hobbies are gymnastics and horse-riding. My best friends are Jemima and Mima. I live with my mum, dad, brother and sister. 

I like where I live because there are lots of places I can go safely on my own. My best friend lives just across the road from me. The house I live in is reasonably big, my room is a lot bigger than my old one and it is very cosy.  My mum works in an office and my dad is a self employed electrician. I don’t have a favourite food. In my spare time I like to play with my friends or ride my bike. When I grow up I would like to be several things. My favourite book is ‘The 13 treasures’ because it is a spooky book and I like spooky stuff.

My life is slightly similar to the children in Cambodia because we both go to school, we both have jobs, we both have family and friends and we both have water. Though there are similarities I think there are more differences. I don’t think they have game consoles or indoor plumbing. They eat different food and dress differently and they cook with different objects.

Four words to describe myself – weird, funny, intelligent, flexible. I care about de-forestation.

Hope you enjoy my pics!

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