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Picture my World is children sharing their lives using photography. Children aged between 8-13 years in Cambodia , Rwanda and the United Kingdom took photographs of their family and friends, where they learn, the food they eat and their hobbies. 

Tevy BGT

Through photographs and words, the children have built a picture of their lives, sharing with you, their global neighbours, what is important to them about the people and places around them.

At CAFOD we believe that by understanding each other we can take steps towards a fair and peaceful world.

We have been running photo workshops with the children to help them think about elements of their daily life that they would like to share with others.

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Our work in Cambodia

We believe people all over the world are our neighbours, and that everyone should have a fair share of God’s world.  Almost one in three Cambodians live on less than 27p a day, making Cambodia one of the poorest countries in Asia.

At CAFOD, we support local groups to help the children such as those in Picture my World go to school. We also help their families and others in their community to get medicine when they are unwell and to find safe places to live.

Our work in Rwanda

More than half of the people living in Rwanda are under 18, making it a very young country! But Rwanda has one of the highest numbers of orphans in the world. Lots of children live in child headed households which means there is no adults living with them. Children live with their brothers and sisters and they all look after each other.

At CAFOD, we support local groups which work with children in Rwanda to make sure they have the things they need and are able to go to school. The groups also help children to talk  about their problems if they are feeling sad or worried.

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